Judith Klefman, WGI Senior Faculty

William Glasser Institute Northwest Region

 I first met Dr. Glasser in March 1979 when I attended my Advanced Intensive Training in Marina Del Rey, California (I'd started my training in August 1978). Initially I used these concepts in my work as a child protective service worker. Because they worked so well I knew I wanted to be more involved. I became a Practicum Supervisor in 1980, a Basic Intensive Training Instructor in 1981, and a decade later was approved by Dr. Glasser as Senior Faculty, the first one to achieve this distinction in the Northwest Region (Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, Washington).

In addition to being on the Institute's teaching faculty, I served on the International Board of Directors as the second representative from the Northwest Region. During my term I was also a member of the Professional Development sub-committee responsible for completing the work of the first board and finalizing the training process for reality certified people who wanted to become Institute approved instructors.

Training in various settings has been one of the highlights of my work with The Institute. I've formally and informally coached faculty program participants in North America and Ireland; taught in Canada, Croatia, and Slovenia as well as here in the United States. I've taught all phases of the Certification program as well as the Practicum Faculty Programs. I've presented workshops at The Institute's International Conferences in North America and at the European Conference in Slovenia.

Seeing other parts of the world is an added bonus to being involved with WGI. I’ve traveled to Ireland, Croatia, Slovenia, Australia, and Scotland to attend Conferences. Because of that I’ve seen Stonehenge, Avebury and Glastonbury, Sidney Opera House, Great Barrier Reef, and Roslyn Chapel to name a few.

Another great benefit is meeting people from around the world. Our common connection is we all believe in and use Dr. Glasser's concepts. I've made lasting friendships as well as met people I look forward to seeing at Conferences.
Developing training materials and presenting these concepts to a variety of people has been another passion. I've developed and implemented training for community colleges, the US Air Force, schools, counseling program participants, residential programs, churches, and people who just want to learn how to get along better with the people who are important in their lives. 

With The Institute's permission, I modified the Intensive Training process so that people with Traumatic Brain Injuries could learn the Procedures That Lead to Change as well as understand the concepts of Choice Theory. People who've attended my trainings, workshops, and presentations come from every walk of life and a wide variety of professions (child protective service workers, drug and alcohol counselors, education, corrections, law enforcement, mental health counselors, parents, skills trainers, supervisors, teen specialist, and more).

I'm looking forward to passing on these concepts that have obviously become a central part of my life and I know you have something to teach me.

For more information, please visit me at www.GlasserConceptsTraining.com or email me direct at GlasserConcepts@comcast.net